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September 14th, 2020

Holy Shiitake

Learn your way around a shroom with a grow-your-own kit from Hi-Fi Mycology Mushroom Farm.


Hi-Fi Mycology Mushroom Farm
9702 Gray Blvd.

Lately your friend chats have gone from hangover comparisions to swapping wellness insights. 

Consider your next conversation topic Hi-Fi Mycology Mushroom Farm. The local urban mushroom farm offers a selection of both culinary and medicinal mushrooms. Available for curbside pick-up and at farmers markets, the small batches allow you to explore the benefits of protein rich oyster mushrooms or test-drive a handful of lion's mane to suss out an uptick in mental clarity. The colorful grow-your-own kits allow you to tend to a grouping of golden oysters, pink oysters (pictured) or shiitakes on your own, seeing results in as few as five days. 

And let your group know how you found a funghi in Austin. 

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