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May 8th, 2017

Tiny Boxwoods Austin Now Open!

Bathed in sunlight, highly-anticipated Tiny Boxwoods opens in Austin today, and just might become the city's best spot for a girly lunch.


Tiny Boxwoods
1503 W 35th St.

Did you hear that? It's the sound of the doors to Tiny Boxwoods opening today. The original breathtaking location in Houston is located within a Provençal-style nursery, and the charming French garden inspiration is evident throughout the new Kerbey Lane Village digs. Here, 7 things to know before you go to sip, sup and swoon...

1. Dinner services starts tonight - breakfast, lunch and brunch coming soon. New for the Austin menu: Collards and Kale Pizza with housemade mozzarella, cooked in a massive imported pizza oven.

2. The design is stunning inside and out. The 300-year-old roof from Normandy was laid by hand. 

3. The lush green lawn and bounty of fresh flowers on each table is all orchestrated - the family behind the concept owns a well-respected landscape design biz.

4. The chocolate chip cookies are famous, cooked in small batches every 20 minutes throughout the day.   

5. The French Picnic arrives on a wood cutting board and is perfect for sharing: rosemary ham, whipped goat cheese, house basil pesto, kalamatas and artisan bread.

6. The Thompson + Hanson Garden Room is next door so you can peruse the nursery and boutique while you wait for your table. 

7. Reservations are available only for dinner, but half the dinner tables are always held for walk-ins. Waiter service at night; when breakfast and lunch service begins, you'll order from an artfully drawn chalkboard menu at the counter. Expect lines - it's worth the wait.

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