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May 6th, 2012

Come Again?

Local jewlery artist Lauren Wilkinson has mastered the art of the "do-over," offering an assortment of vintage lovelies available at Alexander Scott.

Your senior portraits. The Sanskrit tattoo you and your BFFs got on spring break. Sending a catty email about your boss with an accidental reply all.

To numb the pain of all the things we can't do over, look to local artisan Lauren Wilkinson, who has made it her business to reinvent relics into just-like-new handmade jewelry. The daughter of a surgeon and interior designer, this modern day magician is naturally skilled in working with her hands, and has a genuine appreciation for the intricacies that would make a lesser woman go mad from detail overload. A do-gooder to boot, a percentage of all of her jewelry proceeds go to support a children's ministry in Argentina--the line is called Collar, the Spanish word for necklace.

These are the kinds of flashbacks to make you covet, not cringe.

Available at Alexander Scott.

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