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June 21st, 2012

The Perfect Accessory for Your Antique Bar Cart

While one of your fingers may be preoccupied with a certain someone wrapped around it, reserve the others for a little flair.

Make a left hand statement without saying a word with a $58 Loren Hope “On the Rocks” cocktail ring, designed by native North Carolinian Loren Barham in collaboration with the hip hostesses at Society Social. Each gold-plated bamboo design with vibrant gemstones and pavé rhinestone detailing exudes an elegant blend of exuberance and sophistication inspired by Loren’s time spent playing dress-up in her grandmother’s thrift shop. While the prominent fixture works with either formal or casual attire, it demands to be paired with something shaken or stirred.

Loose ends or knot, put a ring on it.


Take 15% off your entire Loren Hope purchase with the online code SUMMER through tomorrow morning, June 21st!

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