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May 7th, 2018

The Adolphus Opens a Barber Shop

Book your favorite gent a cut and shave at the new Barber Shop, now open in The Adolphus Hotel.


Adolphus Hotel - The Barber Shop
1321 Commerce St.
Your guy takes his five o'clock shadow as seriously as he takes his five o'clock scotch.
For his next shave, take him to the newly opened Barber Shop at The Adolphus Hotel. A gem on the ground floor of the historic spot that was recently designed by the uber talented team at Swoon the Studio, the old school elements like a vintage barber sink and a rich moss green color palette make this spot as handsome as he'll be post visit. After grabbing an Old Fashioned at the lobby bar, he'll take his turn for a cut, shave, buzz or trim. Not only will he get a full treatment from the Dallas team the Brass Tacks Barber Shop, but he can also snatch up little extras like custom combs, matchbooks and even novelty enamel pins with nods to hotel folklore like jilted brides created exclusively for the space. 
Intellectual beards welcome.

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