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November 9th, 2017

Glossier Pops Up In Dallas

Cult beauty brand Glossier's first U.S. pop up shop hits Dallas.


Glossier Pop-Up Through Nov 15
3010 N. Henderson Ln.

Late night, booze infused weekends lead to sleeping in your makeup… which leads to Monday morning face freakouts.

Be nice to your skin with beauty products that are clean and lightweight enough for a sleepover at Glossier’s very first pop-up shop in the U.S. The minimalist beauty brand has a cult following - their blink-and-you-miss-it mobile boutique is next to Planet Blue through TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 15. Strictly online until now, it's a rare treat to try the “bare essentials” product line for beauties who want to look natural and effortless, from new releases like the “glossier you” fragrance to classics like “boy brow” and “wowder.” 

Your pillowcase will thank you.

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