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November 22nd, 2017

Happy Spanx-giving

Make plans to combat the turkey day bloat at Houston's original Bar Method.

At family holidays you tend to put food in your mouth so you don't make a Cabernet-induced comment on the complicated layers that create your family dynamic.

Make amends at The Bar Method in Montrose, where you can transform your stuffed tummy to a toned one thanks to legendary instructors at Houston's very first Bar Method, which is one of the studios we've joined up with for the Tidbits 6-Pack. We're giving our readers a pre-New Year's Eve fitness challenge - take 6 of our favorite classes to experience 6 different types of exercise before 2017 ends, including The Bar Method, which incorporate small movements with multiple reps to build long lean feminine muscles. 
Family time is hard. There's wine for that.

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