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April 26th, 2018

$10 Yoga Classes in the Heights!

Take your practice to BEYOGA, brand new to the Heights.


718 W 18th St.

Some of us just try to get from coffee to cocktail everyday.

You see the world more sun salutation to namaste. 

Bond with like-minded mat people at BEYOGA, opening this Saturday, May 12, in the Heights. At the lovely and inviting non-heated studio - complete with clean white accents, natural pine wood and concrete floors - you'll find three signature class styles - BE FLOW, BE STRONG and BE ZEN. Whether you're looking for a flow session, a strength-based fusion class or connecting with your zen, the variety of classes will cover all of your vinyasa, strength and yin vibes. The BFF female founders, pictured, have used their legit fitness backgrounds to create a space that inspires you to dig deeper into your practice and BE yourself with other yogis after your final pose. (Tidbits readers get 10 classes for $108.)

Because your inner clock runs from rise and shine to savasana. #beyou

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