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June 25th, 2018

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Each month we highlight a local business owner on her special day.


The Bar Method Houston-Montrose
503 Westheimer Rd
This month's birthday girl is Rachel Good, the owner of The Bar Method Houston-Montrose.  
Happy birthday! We're bringing you a cupcake from Ooh La La to celebrate - what's your favorite flavor?
German Chocolate - I can't say no to coconut and chocolate.
When you're being a little healthier, your go-to place for a juice after teaching?
Beet Box on West Gray is delicious. And the name makes me want to practice my Biz Markie skills.
Labels in your gym bag?
Where will we find you when you’re not at the studio?
I’m either singing with my band Raquel and The Welches or cruising the Texas roads in a vintage Jeep that I had restored by Jeep Heritage.
Fave pamper spot?
I like to pamper myself with food! I’m a big seafood fan and love the oysters and the menu at Liberty Kitchen.
Where do you always take your out of town visitors?
To the Menil or one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants: Andes Cafe, Mandola’s Café, Oishii Sushi
What’s the most underrated thing about Houston?
The arts! Whether its painting, sculpture, theatre, dance or music - I don’t think many know how on top of it Houston is when it comes to our appreciation of all these things until you really delve into H-Town. I tell people all the time, Houston is like that first date where it’s not love at first sight but the more time you spend together the more you realize all of H-town’s great qualities.
Best spot for cocktails?
Eight Row Flint. They have a passion for what they do and constantly have new tantalizing drinks to quench your palate.
Why did you decide to open a Bar Method?
In my first Bar Method class I had my tushy handed to me and I LOVED IT. I loved the discipline it instilled, the dedication and need to get better and work harder, and the sense of camaraderie you felt with those in the class with you. I wanted to share this with everyone I knew. 
Daily uniform? 
I’m very fortunate that my daily uniform is stretchy pants, a motivational tee shirt and socks!
What’s your guilty pleasure? 
Sunflower seeds and Lionel Richie.
How many candles are you blowing out this year?
42 sparkling candles.
What’s on your birthday gift wish list?
Adventure and travel!
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