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July 20th, 2020

Happy Birthday, Stephanie of SheSpace!

This month's Birthday Girl is Stephanie Tsuru of SheSpace, the uber-stylish new coworking space in the Lower Heights District designed for the modern-day woman.

SheSpace is a "throne away from home." What are three qualities of a fearless female business leader?
There is no such thing as fearless - it is learning to conquer fear! Gutsy, tenacious and humble. You have to be willing to listen, learn and admit you made a mistake. 

Why did you want to start a coworking space?
The original intent was to design a space dedicated to supporting women’s business, educational, meeting and event needs. It quickly came apparent a female-focused workspace was desperately needed in Houston. There are a multitude of phenomenal women’s organizations in Houston. What we are lacking is a physical space to bring all women together. 

Some perks at SheSpace? 
Touchless coffee maker, dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, package pick-up and delivery, fitness space, in-house women-penned book niche, meeting rooms, event spaces, lactation/quiet room, printing, mail delivery and business address, rotating pop-up shop featuring local women’s products and services, extensive educational and business programming, and a two-minute walk to a major grocery store, nail salon, bank, gas station, Ulta, Total Wine and a plethora of retail and restaurant opportunities. 

Because of the pandemic, are companies changing the way they office?
Traditional offices and work schedules were already becoming obsolete, but COVID-19 accelerated the process. Originally we targeted the small team, the freelancer, contractor and solopreneur who needed support and collaboration. The last few months, we have seen a new group of women abandoning their big leases and overhead and moving towards pooling resources. 

Tell us about your background before co-founding SheSpace alongside your daughter-in-law Katie Tsuru?
I spent almost 25 years in healthcare mastering the psychology of motivation and mentoring. I have spent a lifetime innovating and creating. I guess I was an entrepreneur all along. I'm really excited to be co-founding with Katie because it is a rare and special occasion when a mother and daughter-in-law get to team up on something so life changing. Truth be told, she is my secret weapon, and together we complement each other so perfectly.

Podcasts you're addicted to...
The Daily by the New York Times, Ologies by Alie Ward and—being recorded out of SheSpace by our architect, Norgerie Rivas—is She Builds. Based on women in the design and construction industry throughout history. It is a story of females overcoming the challenges of people saying it couldn’t be built. 

Favorite local places to shop?
Frock Shop is a local brick and mortar curated clothing store on Gaylord and RoKi Design is a e-commerce business who sells beautiful custom silk scarves and upcycled accessories and fashionable face masks made from luxury materials. 

Apps you can’t live without.
Duolingo, Marco Polo, Evernote, Audible and the New York Times Cooking app.

3 desk tools you can't live without.
Coolest desk calendar from Wit & Delight, bright pink stapler by Poppin, Pad of 365 Inspiring Quotes by Inspiring Women. 

What's on your birthday wish list? 
Experiences to remember! Trips to Rosie Cannonball’s new Spritz Patio, Scooby Snack from Montrose Cheese & Wine, good non-fiction books like That’s What She Said by Kimothy Joy

How many candles are you blowing out?
It starts with six and ends in a zero!

Go-to takeout spots these days?
We are dedicated to helping the restaurant entrepreneur, so as a public service I gave up cooking. We have tried so many recently: Merus Grill, Squable, Coppa Osteria (pizza kits to go!) and Ember & Greens

Want to be the next Tidbits Birthday Girl? Tell us why at submissions-houston@gotidbits.com.

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