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May 17th, 2018

Drink Your Juice Society Shelby

Packed with veggies and ancient herbs, the Austin-based sensation arrives in Houston.

Since your sorority days and that month you tried a professional networking group, you swore you'd never work so hard to join a clique again.

You'll have a change of heart when you taste Juice Society. The wellness brand has a cult following in its home base of Austin, and it's now available in Houston at Central Market and Snap Kitchen. Toast straws with people who are also in hot pursuit of good health - the cold pressed, raw juices are packed with veggies and ancient herbs. Buzzy, millennial fave flavors include the carrot, orange and turmeric Golden Girl, the immune-boosting Thirst Aid Kit and, their go-to-hangover cure, the charcoal-infused Active Lemonade, pictured.

Time to swig with the in crowd.

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