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August 16th, 2018

Welcome to The Balloon Room

Find art in balloons. Explore the air up there at The Balloon Room.

Have you heard of the magical world where every single thing is made out of balloons?
Local fun-girl brand Big Ass Balloons just released the news of The Balloon Room, an artful, experimental pop-up taking place at The Revaire August 24-26, where dazzling installations of thousands of balloons make up a vibrant wonderland begging for an Instagram post. Plans are so top secret that we can't even share a picture yet, but here's a hint of what to expect in just one of the fantastical spaces. In the Weather Room, you'll brave the "elements," including a balloon storm where you can borrow an umbrella to pose with (or bring your own). There are balloons you can wear, plus loads of backdrops and balloon walls. 
No popping allowed.

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