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June 14th, 2020

It's Detox O'Clock

Increase overall health at DROP Nola infrared sauna studio.


141 West Harrison Ave.
Unit C
New Orleans

You've been in denial, but it's true - you've put on the Quarantine 15. 

Step up your detox game at DROP Nola, now open in Lakeview. The brand new sauna studio is a great place to begin releasing stubborn toxins, driving out impurities and clearing a path for healthful progress thanks to focused infrared heat. Step into a private zen wood suite for a 40-minute booking - burn up to 600 calories per session and come out with remarkably less mind clutter.  While the process begins to work its magic, you can choose to chill, relax and meditate, or pump up the tunes while you practice a few yoga poses or lift light weights. This wellness hub is also home to a variety of athleisure wear labels, pictured. 

It's time to send those pounds to shelter in another place. 

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