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January 30th, 2014

Step Away from the Shu Uemura


Blink Lash Boutique
1202 Kettner Blvd
Ste 202
San Diego

The only DIY beauty move you ever mastered was lightening your hair with lemon juice packets you swiped from Subway.

Leave the tricks to those of the trade and visit Blink Lash Boutique, whose cult following is so large they're now in three studio locations. The gurus behind the beauty haven have a super simple service menu and specialize in one thing – your lashes. Choose from authentic mink or faux mink lash extensions (each last at least three weeks) or visit the salon for help with a botched lash job done elsewhere. They're giving away a $169 Valentine's peeper package to one lucky gal who submits a "OMG" love story on Facebook.

Because you and glue just don't mix.

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