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February 7th, 2013

The Skinny On Your Skin


Art Of Skin
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There's no amount of moisturizer that can fix your dry, flaky skin. And forget a flawless face - you're trying to figure out how to hide behind your foundation. We asked San Diego's hottest young dermatologist, Dr. Melanie Palm (pictured, front, with her staff), for the scoop on how her Hollywood clients stay forever young...

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What's the best anti-aging product on the market?
Sunscreen - 90% of our wrinkles come from UV damage. Choose a sunscreen with good UVA and UVB coverage--those containing zinc oxide are usually the best. In terms of over-the-counter products, Olay Regenerist contains peptides, proteins that reduce redness and improve skin turnover. 

What do celebs do, that we don't, that gives them such flawless skin?
Celebs are lucky in that they typically have a team of beauty experts keeping them beautiful--aestheticians, makeup artists, dietitians and doctors. [And] there is a lot that Photoshop does to improve the celebrity visage you see in the glossy mags. That said, celebrities are getting little things done here and there to keep them looking great... micro-Botox (small, minute amounts) to keep expressions softened... injectables (Sculptra is a fave), and light laser treatments to keep their skin looking near-flawless.
Is there a difference between expensive department store products and cheapie drug store stuff?
The main difference is marketing and packaging. There are some great over the counter products that cost a fraction of the price. I encourage patients to explore cosmeceuticals--lines of skincare carried exclusively out of physician offices. They contain prescription-strength medications and higher doses of other ingredients than what is allowed over the counter. Read the rest of our Q&A.

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