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November 25th, 2021

Calling All Penny Lanes

Gift an entire year of live concerts to your music loving fans with a DoMORE annual gift membership for just $50.

You're still trying to satiate your sound appetite after a lack of live shows.

Score major points with your music-loving friends with a year of live concerts courtesy of a DoMORE Annual Gift Membership. For just $50, the fan-friendly find gets your favorite tune aficionado a pair of hand-picked tickets to the top live shows happening every single month for an entire year, with a plus one. Even cooler, after completing their preference profile, they'll be gifted cherry-picked options that are specifically curated to their unique tastes. From concerts and festivals to pop-ups and museum outings, their social calendar is about to be, literally, jam-packed.

From Santa's good list to guest list. 

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