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September 13th, 2021

30 Days Unlimited for $30!

Up your fitness game with a variety of high-energy group classes at REGYMEN Fitness.

Lately, making excuses is your cardio.

Take charge of your body at REGYMEN Fitness. With a vibe that's all about maximizing your time for the best results, the group-centric classes are guaranteed to ramp up your energy levels and keep you accountable thanks to the camaraderie and support of trained pros. With a variety of classes falling under the themes burn, box and burn, held at 3 studios starting as early as 5 a.m. and late as 7 p.m, it's a breeze to squeeze sweat sessions into your hectic schedule. Tidbits readers score 30 days UNLIMITED for $30. Redeem by texting "30 for 30" to 512.969.8121 or click here.

Where justification shows up in perspiration. 

REGYMEN Arbor Walk // REGYMEN Round Rock // REGYMEN Grove

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