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April 27th, 2021

More Cran Sriracha, Please

Kick up your carbs with vegan jams and jellies from Round Rock Jelly & Co.

It's not that you love gossip so much as you like spreading the news. 

Spread this: Round Rock Jelly & Co. The family-owned biz offers a delicious selection of vegan jellies and jams made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The high-design jars will pretty up your pantry and upgrade your breakfast bites and entertaining appetizers. Available locally at Antonelli's Cheese Shop, small batch only-in-Lone Star options range from cran sriracha and ghost pepper to blueberry pinot noir, zingy pineapple habanero, spirited margarita and award-winning Texas Bar Fight, a combo of Hill Country peaches, maple syrup, thyme and a punch of whiskey. 

Sure to give you somethin' to talk about. 

Find Round Rock Jelly & Co. featured in offerings from Grazeology, Hill Country Grazing Country, Dolce Grazing, The Artisian Gift Boxes and AustiNuts.

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