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September 22nd, 2021

Alcohol Ya Later

For those looking for a plant-based (better than) alcohol alternative sip, turn to local Tenneyson.

Fall in Texas always seems to run fashionably late. 

For a taste to remind you why it's been worth the wait, meet Tenneyson. The locally-born, plant-based concoction—sans alcohol—is the ideal addition to your bar cart. The super sippable Black Ginger offers spicy and bold notes of ginger, dandelion, lemon balm, bergamot, yerba matte, grape seed and gentian root. It's as good tasting as it is good for you—consider pouring on the rocks for a low cal, zero caffeine, vegan-ish sip, try out delish recipes or add it to a low-alcohol cocktail for a kick. Pre-orders are available now - two+ bottles ship free. 

For those turning over a booze-free leaf.  

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