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October 7th, 2019

Free Class When You Join Tidbits Insider!

Shake up your routine with a studio that offers a myriad of workout sessions.


9100 N Central Expy

You're currently juggling four dating apps and entertaining adding a fifth. 

Since you like to keep your options open, you're going to fall hard for TruFusion. The super sleek studio features over 65 class types (Tidbits Insiders get a FREE class, details below). From barre, bootcamp, boxing and battle ropes to Crossfit, cycle and cardio dance, the hardest part is figuring out how many classes you can squeeze into your schedule. Try your hand at HIIT one day and take it to a different level with yoga the next. The seasoned pros will lead you through killer sessions that are sure to be full-bod game changers.

These TRX bands may just have you stepping into a ring. 

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