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July 13th, 2016

Blanket Statement

Be ready for anything on a picnic blanket that looks like an Oriental rug.

Pillow forts. Backyard camping. Adopting a pet doodlebug.
If you've learned anything from raising kids it's that everyday can be an adventure.
Be ready for the next journey with a picnic blanket from Texas-based Fatboy. The design is the spitting image of an antique Oriental rug you'd find in grandma's living room, but is actually soft, durable and weather-resistant for the outside and all its elements (your wine spills). The makers have thought of everything - the oversized blanket comes with four red pins to secure your place at the concert, a brush to rid the space of sand and crumbs, and a spot in the middle for a sun umbrella. There's even an attached pocket for your keys and phone. 
Magic carpet rides, anyone?
Photo: @superbuds

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