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June 8th, 2016

Summer Road Trip Playlist

Hit the road with our annual family-friendly summer playlist.

Reading lists. Math facts. Good music.
Just because school's out, doesn't mean your kids are going to stop learning. For lessons on songs the whole family can love, tune into our free summer playlist, curated by Kidbits' mini editors Harper (pictured left, age 7) and Grant (age 10).  
Sail Into The Sun // Gentlemen Hall
Harper: I bet I could play this on the piano.
Grant: Except you're forgetting that you don't play the piano?
Flowers In Your Hair // The Lumineers
Harper: This is a pretty song!
Grant: I feel like this is a great song for fourth graders.
Little Wildflower // Andrew Simple
Harper:  This one is good for Mom.
Grant: Yeah Mom, we have to grow up!
Can't Stop The Feeling! // Justin Timberlake
Harper: This is in that Trolls movie...
Grant: Hey, let's go to the movies!
Summer Was A Day // Pete Yorn
Harper: I think I'd like this one on a car drive.
Grant: This doesn't really sound like Pete Yorn to me. 
When We First Met // hellogoodbye
Harper: It's a happy song.
Grant: It's a song you can't help but want to dance to.
You & I // Crystal Fighters
Harper: This makes me think about my best friend Millie.
Grant: You mean your boyfirend, Jack.
Harper: He is NOT my boyfriend!
Summer Sun // Few Bits
Harper: I'm so happy it's summer.
Grant: *Sigh* me too.
When I Get Older // Wild Party
Harper: I already feel older this summer.
Grant: I like the name of this band.
T.H.M // Deerhunter
Harper: This reminds me of something else, but I can't think of what.
Grant: You're probably thinking of David Garza.
[Editor note: Proud parenting moment]
I Need Never Get Old // Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Harper: This song sounds important.
Grant: Can I get a saxophone?
Home // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 
Harper: I love the whistling.
Grant: Not a new song, but a good one.

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