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May 17th, 2017

You Need a LAMMA

Little LAMMA concierge service takes the drama out of gift giving.

Pop quiz: Junior's got a classmate's birthday party coming up. Do you bring Junior along with you to pick out the gift?
A. Sure. How else can you know what the classmate wants? Plus you love to listen to your kid beg for all the things.
B. No way. You look forward to mindlessly wondering the aisles second guessing every option.
C. Not since you discovered the Little LAMMA concierge service. 
If you don't know about option C, allow us to fill you in. Little LAMMA is an e-boutique founded by two stylish moms, each with two kids (which make up the LAMMA name - Lucy, Anderson, Milly and Mac.) The site features a small selection of beautifully curated keepers and offers a complimentary concierge service. Just fill out their form with details about who you're shopping for and they'll email you back with three amazing options that would be perfect for your recipient, all within 24 hours. Once you finalize your selection, they will wrap it beautifully and ship it out for you. 
We give them an A+.

Kidbits subscribers can use code AUSTIN at checkout for 15% off your first purchase through the end of May - expires 5 p.m. EST on Wednesday, May 31.

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