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April 26th, 2017

How To Make Paper Popsicles

Keep your cool with 3D paper ice lollies from Moon Picnic.

After throwing away more plastic slinkies and mini erasers than you care to count from classmate's parties, you've decided to skip out on the goodie-bag-of-breakable-trinkets trend this year. 
To liven up the festivities, send party-goers home with a lasting memory by snapping a few Polaroids in a DIY photo booth outfitted with these darling paper ice lollies from Moon Picnic. The vibrant, non-melting treats come in a fuss-free, ready-to-make kit. Each goodie is printed on premium heavyweight paper, pre-cut and pre-scored, so all you'll need to make them is a glue stick. Add a few streamers for a fun backdrop, and your photo booth is ready to go.
Oh snap.​

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