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February 8th, 2017

Meet The Foodie Kids

This sweet recipe for a Flourless Chocolate Cake, compliments of The Foodie Kids, will rock your Valentine's Day.

The look of pure joy on Junior's face after leaping feet first into a rain puddle was enough to convince you that sometimes as a parent, you gotta just embrace the mess.  
In the interest of valuing having fun over having a clean kitchen, allow us to introduce you to The Foodie Kids. This trio of pint-sized Austinites describe themselves as "cool kids who love great food and shun the kids menu." The siblings, Campbell (10), Keller (9) and Rider (7), recently started a blog to document their culinary adventures both in their home kitchen and while dining out on the town. From their love of all things sushi to their creative take on after school snacks, they're just the inspiration you need to let your kids loose in the kitchen. 
We asked them to cook up something fun for our readers in honor of Valentine's Day and they came up with this sweet and easy recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake that your kids can totally make too.   
Time to jump right in.

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