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March 22nd, 2017

Is She Fierce Like Frida?

History has never looked cooler thanks to these tees from Wee Rascals.

Faster than any bully, more powerful than the speeding hands of time, able to leap open imaginations in a single bound.
We're not talking about a bird, or a plane, or even Superman.
Thanks to Wee Rascals, we're talking about real-life heroes. If you haven't heard of them yet, allow us to introduce you - this clothing company believes in inspiring kids with tales of true heroism in order to spark curiosity and connect them with their own possibilities. The idea that who kids see shows them who they can be translates into a focus on inspiring history makers like Susan B. Anthony and Maya Angelou. Slogans like Fierce Like Frida and Daring like Da Vinci take awesome role models for kids and turn them into statement making tees that will make any kid stand tall.
But be careful, once you start their collection, all other clothes might just become Kryptonite. 

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