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October 1st, 2021

Happy Birthday, Katie Anzalone of MOOD Salon!

Our October birthday girl will color your world. Each month we celebrate a local business owner on her special day.


MOOD Salon
8136 Oak St.
New Orleans

If you're looking to take your tresses up a notch, turn to the master of balayage, our October birthday girl, Katie Anzalone, owner of MOOD Salon.

Happy birthday, Katie! How are you celebrating?
Aww THANK YOU! A quaint dinner with a few of my closest friends at Ancora (one of my fave places!) And then a trip to Barcelona next month! Eeeek!

How many candles are you blowing out?
38 — YIKES!  

Neighborhood you call home?
FRERET BABYYYY!  It's just a great vibe with lots of amazing local businesses within walking distance! Shoutout to Gasa Gasa - a place I love to catch great shows at!

Daily uniform?
There's definitely A LOT of black... and I'm a sucker for Doc Martens and anything high-waisted :) 

How long have you been a salon owner in NOLA?
... About 5 minutes haha. I opened in August 2021.

Tell us more about MOOD - A Salon Space for Creatives...
MOOD is a quirky salon space on Oak Street where a lot of fun and creativity happens. I believe hair is a MOOD - and that can change one's whole VIBE.

Best part about being a small business owner in NOLA? 
100% connecting with other small business owners - there's a very special camaraderie that forms when everyone is out there supporting each other!

What celeb-influenced style requests do you get the most?
BRING ON THE BANGS (Stevie Nicks style mostly) - but also, curtain and different variations... and lots and lots of SHAGS (which I love).

You are a master of balayage - what is one of your favorite looks you've done? 
GRADIENT COLOR… darkest at the base and lightest at the ends! BALAY-OMBRÉ, I’m in love.

What color trends are you predicting for fall hair? 
I'll be honest - I feel like all trends are up for grabs right now!  There are no rules! But I will say that I am loving WARM COLOR right now (personally).

First thing you do in the morning and last thing at night?
AM: COFFEE - lots of it!
PM: WINE - lots of it!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner - where are we most likely to find you?
Breakfast: Satsuma on Maple. Lunch: St. James Cheese Company on Prytania. Dinner: Either Tito's Ceviche & Pisco or Ancora.

Favorite gift to give...
The gift of fabulous hair that comes with a new sense of bad-assery, of course.

Favorite gift to receive…
Did someone say WINE?

Inspirational motto?
"If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If you treat it like a career, it will pay you like a career."

Best part about having an October birthday?
I finally get to start wearing leather jackets and my favorite boots, and of course... HALLOWEEN!!!

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