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November 3rd, 2021

Let’s Get Skin-timate

The pros at Sanova Dermatology are dishing out beauty and body tips at the Virtual Fall Beauty Expo.

You prefer your beauty tips to be delivered to you at home, comfortably with wine in hand. 

Which is why the Sanova Dermatology Virtual Fall Beauty Expo 2021 is the ideal scene for you. Taking place Nov 8 - 12, the week is packed with events, tips, tricks and giveaways. From the comfort of your own powder room, you'll get the top tier skinny on all things aging and the steps you can take to gracefully defy it. Let the pros who know walk you day by day through concepts ranging from skin trends and the art of injectables to body contouring and innovative energy based treatments. RSVP here!

May the antioxidants overfloweth. 

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