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December 27th, 2021

Happy Birthday, Lori!

Happy Birthday to Lori Virdure Bracy, our final Tidbits' Birthday girl of the year.

We're raising our glasses to the ever stylish and lovely Lori Virdure Bracy, our final Tidbits' Birthday girl of the year. Creative Director and Founder of vinti, V3 and Virdure Fashion, the new mom gives us a peek into her local loves, her gallivanting spots and the vintage piece she'll never part with.

Happy Birthday! How many candles are you blowing out?

How are you celebrating this year? 
This is a good year to ask because my birthday celebrations are usually feather quiet. This year I’m hosting a vision board/wine + cheese with the ladies in my family (and the little guy). Also, a surprise situation with my husband.

What's on your birthday wish list?
Intentional time with family. Check and check. 

Tell us how you started your vintage brand, vinti?
I started vinti in 2014. I grew up pulling from my grandmother’s wardrobe. Plus, I have always been enamored with the notion of revival, the satisfaction of style, and visual communication. 

You present vintage collections in small capsules. Tell us how you find your items.
Ohhhh you want to know the secrets;) Honestly, I source items from thrifts, estate sales, my grandmother's closet (still!). Most importantly, I consistently treasure hunt. I collect seasonless pieces that move me, and exhibit them when the collection and story is ready. 

First vintage piece you remember owning?
Mink fur coat from a family friend’s closet. Took playing dress up to another level. 

One vintage piece you'll never part with?
A 90s oversized black cashmere coat by TSE - chic and functional. 

Why is New Orleans a good place from which to start a vintage brand?
New Orleans has a timeless charm to it with deep history and vintage mirrors that vibe. The modernist appropriates vintage while in Nola. 

Finish this sentence. Wearing vintage makes a woman feel…

What's inside your handbag?
*dumps bag contents - 3 shades of nude lipsticks, a chapstick, phone, Square card reader, nail polish, Claritin, Tylenol, extra mask, hand sanitizer, debit card, I.D., and a pen. And it all fits inside my “joi “ bag via stash. 

Holiday gift ideas for the fashionista in your life?
Of course, something vintage from any of the local curators: Lion Brigade, Spirit Closet, Westerly Vintage + vinti (to name a few). Heirloom jewelry from iris 1956, greens from from Fait | Nola, dried florals via Waysides, custom poem and/or art from Cubs the Poet, leather goods from Stash, one-of-a-kind lifestyle treasures from Merchant House, something sweet from Lagniappe Baking and small batch items from Freedom Apothecary. Maybe even a self love portrait session with @goldentimetay - I can go on and on, but show love year ‘round for the ultimate holiday vibe. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, where in the city are we most likely to find you? 
Old Road Coffee, Elizabeth Street Cafe, The Chloe, respectively. 

Your daily uniform?
Vintage pullover, cropped easy pant, and a Yeezy. 

Neighborhood you call home and why you love it?
Treme! I’m proud to live anywhere in Nola, but especially in the oldest historically black neighborhood in this nation. We love it here. 

Three local businesses you love supporting.
Merchant House, iris 1956, The Business Bar & Co, JusTini Cocktails 

Mantra you live (or work) by?
Follow peace. 

First thing you do when you wake up, last thing at night?
Pray. Read a book to my 4-month-old son, Sebastian Clay.

What's the best thing about a December birthday?
Coinciding with the Christmas spirit - good vibes all around!

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