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June 2nd, 2021

Let's Fiesta with Sasha at our Kendra Scott Party!

Get Fiesta-ready with us! You're invited to our private party at Kendra Scott Quarry Village.

Sasha Tijerina, the local style setter behind Blush & Bashful, is co-hosting our Launch Party at Kendra Scott Quarry Village next Fri, June 11. You're invited to get Fiesta-ready with our editors with cocktails, to-go sips and sweets and the first chance to see the new limited edition collection. (Gifts for the first arrivals!) But, first, get to know Sasha...

You're a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Tips for great Instagram photos?
My top three tricks for a great photo start with natural lighting. My outfit will determine whether I take photos early morning or mid evening before the sun sets. Secondly, shoot from different angles. Whether it's the person behind the camera or you moving to get those shots. Lastly, just have fun. Don't be embarrassed if people are walking by and are looking at you. I usually play music when working with a photographer, it creates the best candid shots which are always my favorite photos.
Best thing about Instagram stories?
You see me. You see my family, the messy corner in my office, or me working remotely from home, in my pajamas with no makeup on. I love being on stories while I cook or do my makeup. I feel like I'm sitting next to my bestie and catching up on chisme. I also really enjoy doing try-ons, it helps to see it visually on me rather than just holding it up and talking about it.
You're the co-host of our upcoming Kendra Scott event, where we'll be getting Fiesta-ready. Finish the sentence: Jewelry can make someone feel...
Loved, empowered and seen. I always say that jewelry is a reflection of our personality. For me, it's not just about the outfit, but my mood and how I feel that day. It also creates and/or brings up memories.
How will you celebrate the return of Fiesta?
Dancing and cooking in my kitchen. I will be making traditional Mexican dishes for family and friends while also making a gluten-free dish for myself. There's nothing better than good food, good music with a lot of laughter with familia.
Favorite Fiesta tradition.
Making or buying a flower crown. I love the bright colors and showing my personality.
People would be surprised to learn this about me...
I wanted to be a Tejano singer when I was in high school even though I can't carry a tune, so I choreographed quinceaneras instead.
Best place in town for an Instagram post?
The Historic Pearl.
Two emojis you use frequently.
I use the red heart emoji and the three-starred twinkle all the time.
Your first Fiesta memory?
Wow, that was long ago. That was back in 2001 and my first memory was, "Whoa, this is just like Mardi Gras back home."
Join Sasha and get Fiesta-ready with us at Kendra Scott Quarry Village! 
Our first 25 guests get a gift!
Friday, June 11 | 5 – 7 p.m.

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