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April 15th, 2020

Make Your Own Organic Kale Face Mask

The blender recipe from Dallas' Gardenuity will help eliminate dark circles and improve overall brightness.

You're determined to come out of this thing with one wholesome hobby.
The green thumbs at local Gardenuity can help you reach new heights. Their dummy-proof container kits are delivered with everything you need to nurture a garden, no matter how small your balcony or backyard. Choose from adorable kits like Cocktail Garden (herbs for garnishes), Taco Garden (seasonal veggies and herbs), Caprese Garden (tomato plant, basil) and Radiant Skin Garden (nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory plants). For quarantine inspo, they post recipes on Instagram that use garden ingredients, like spicy cocktails and an organic kale mask.
It takes one to grow one. 

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